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Solar Spring has Sprung!

Last December we were pleased to announce that Run on Sun had been chosen by the Westridge School for Girls to install a solar power system on the school’s Performing Arts Center. At the time we proclaimed, “Come the Spring, Solar Panels will bloom here!” as the caption to this photo of the building’s roof:

PAC Roof - solar panels will bloom here in the spring!

Well here it is, Easter Sunday, and we are pleased to report that the promise has been fulfilled.  Here’s the view from roughly that same spot today:

Solar panels on the Performing Arts Center at the Westridge School for Girls

Needless to say, a project of this size does not happen overnight, nor is it the effort of any one individual.  So, over the next couple of weeks, we will be bringing you a multi-part series documenting how this project came together.  The series will culminate in another Run on Sun video featuring client interviews and even some observations from the students of Westridge about what this means to them.

Spring is indeed a time for new beginnings - and some successful endings!  We look forward to sharing this adventure with you and we welcome your comments.

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Westridge Chooses Run on Sun for 54kW Solar Project

We are very pleased to report that one of the premier schools in Pasadena - or pretty much anywhere for that matter - the Westridge School for Girls has just selected Run on Sun to design and install a 54 kW solar power system on the Fran Norris Scoble Performing Arts Center.

PAC Roof - solar panels will bloom here in the spring!
Come the Spring, Solar Panels will bloom here!

It is very gratifying to have been chosen over some tough competition for this project, particularly given the School’s well-established commitment to sustainability.  Indeed, just last year Westridge dedicated a new science building which has received the coveted, but very rare, LEED Platinum designation.  Now as part of Westridge’s plan to “green” all of the campus, the 54 kW solar power system will be another dramatic step in that direction.

Even better, since the project will use Enphase micro-inverters, the students from grades 4-12 will be able to study the performance of the system right down to the individual panel level.  We look forward to working with the Westridge faculty and administration as they teach their students about the difference that solar power can make in their lives.

At Run on Sun we have a special place in our hearts for working with non-profits and we would love to help your non-profit add solar too!

Our press release announcing Westridge’s selection of Run on Sun for this solar power project is available here.

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