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Use Your Torque Wisely!

Readers of this blog know that the only thing we like better than Electric Vehicles are Electric Vehicles that Run on Sun. So when we came across this clever ad from Nissan, we just had to share (and it is perfect for a Friday!).

Check this out:

Frankly, we had that same self-satisfied smile on our face when we got to test drive a Tesla Model S a few weeks ago.  Part of the test drive was a short stint on a local freeway.  As luck would have it, the light turned red as we reached the on-ramp to the freeway.  As luck would further have it, a 5-series BMW pulled up alongside of us - both of us first to go at the light.  Somewhat distracted by the many bells and whistles inside the Model S (and the patter of the salesperson), we weren’t focused on the light, and the BMW jumped ahead as the light changed. 

Poor little BMW, he didn’t have a chance.


Happy Friday, everyone - but remember, use your torque wisely!



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Tesla Model S - Motor Trend's Car of the Year

At Run on Sun we have long been fans of electric vehicles (EVs) - we devoted a page on our website to EVs and their cousins, the plug-in hybrids, years ago.  So it is most gratifying to see the traditional auto universe wise up to something we’ve been saying for a long time - EVs are the future of driving. Now Motor Trend magazine has made it official by designating the Tesla Model S as its 2013 Car of the Year.

By any measure, the Model S is deserving of the title - it is crazy quick with a zero to 60 time of less than 4 seconds, it has great range of well over 200 miles per charge, and it can do all of that while looking great and transporting a real family in great comfort.  But we love the car because of what it’s not - a gas guzzling, carbon-emitting dinosaur!

Alas, the Model S is out of our price range but it is a great step forward in producing a “real” car that happens to be powered by the most advanced drive train in the world.

You can learn about other EVs - and how to fuel them with clean solar power - on our website.  After all, if you are going to have the most sophisticated car in the world, shouldn’t it Run on Sun?


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