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Community Solar Needs YOU!

UPDATE: SB 43 passed a procedural vote in the Assembly on Friday (53-22).  It is now in the queue for final passage as the legislature sprints toward the end of the legislative session.  It appears as entry 113 in today’s Assembly File which lists all of the items pending before the Assembly.

The session resumes at Noon - so if you haven’t already, please follow the link below and ask your Assemblymember to vote yes!

We just learned that the most recent version of a Community Solar bill - SB 43 - is headed for a final vote as early as today.  We need you to contact your Assemblymember right now and urge a Yes vote. (H/T Votesolar.org)

Community SolarWe have written about Community Solar before whereby a developer can create a local solar resource and then sell the output to the utility for the credit of various subscribers.  This allows renters, homeowners with unsuitable roofs or commercial operations that don’t own their own buildings to all subscribe and participate in getting clean solar energy to power their operations or home.

Not surprisingly, the utilities have been fighting this concept for more than a year.

Now is crunch time and Vote Solar has set up a website where you can go to urge your Assemblymember’s support.  The time to act is NOW!

Please click on this Vote Solar Link to register your support.



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SB 43 Advances - Questions Loom for Community Solar Bills

SB 43 - the Community Solar bill authored by Democratic State Senator Lois Wolk - passed its first legislative hurdle yesterday but in doing so it highlighted potential trouble down the road.

The bill passed the Committee on a 6-4 vote but the combination of who voted Nay does not bode well.  Here’s the chart of how they voted:

Senate Energy Committee vote on SB43

First observation - the profile in courage award to Committee Vice Chair Jean Fuller for not voting on the bill at all.

Second observation - two Democrats voted against this bill: Roderick Wright (35th District) and the Chair of the Committee, Alex Padilla (20th District) - what is up with this?

Senator Wright’s district encompasses some decidedly working class neighborhoods in cities such as Compton, Hawthorne, Inglewood, San Pedro, Watts and Wilmington.  We reached Senator Wright this morning in his Sacramento office - he answered his own phone! - and he was very direct in his comments.  He called the measure a “stupid bill” and said he opposed it because of its cost-shifting to other rate payers and that its mandatory purchase and subscription provisions made the bill something he could not support.

We told him about potential clients that we see - like the Glendale woman we met yesterday who so very much wanted to add solar but simply had no viable space to do so - who could really benefit from such a bill.  Interestingly, he cited programs like Glendale’s “Green Energy” rate by which GWP customers could purchase “green energy” by paying a surcharge to GWP.  We say interestingly because presumably the renewable resources that GWP is using to satisfy that requirement have the same potential issues as those provided by a Community Solar provider - for example, the dispatchability of a resource is not dependent upon who owns the resource.

Our conversation touched on a number of subjects - the Senator was very generous with his time - and we came away with the sense that the while he is quite thoughtful on these issues, he will most likely not be an ally in the struggle to preserve net metering as we know it.

Senator Padilla’s office, on the other hand, did not answer when we called.  We will update this post if we hear back from him.


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