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Run on Sun in the News

This has been an unusually busy week for Run on Sun in the news, driving record website traffic and even a quote in one of the Nation’s most influential newspapers.

The week kicked off with the announcement of new team member Sarah Dara which was one of our most “retweeted” stories ever.

Then we took to task Ms. Helen Burt from PG&E over her declaration of war against the solar industry.  What had been a largely unnoticed story suddenly got some significant, and deserved, attention with reporters in London (Nilima Choudhury writing over at PV-Tech.org - PG&E Accused of Declaring War on Solar) and New Hampshire (James Montgomery for RenewableEnergyWorld.com - Net Metering Debate Rages on Despite Calls for Calm) picking up the story.

Finally, Founder & CEO Jim Jenal was quoted in today’s Wall Street Journal in an article by Cassandra Sweet discussing the growing trend of residential solar leasing (subscription required - but a Google search for “Jenal Wall Street Journal” may be more successful).

In the article, Jenal points out that despite the trend toward residential leasing, such arrangements are typically not great investments for the solar customer who pays longer for the system under a lease, but owns nothing at the end.  “Our sense is that the leasing deals are a good arrangement for the financing people, they’re not as great an arrangement for the end customer,” he said.

To which we can only add - hey, LA Times, get with the program!

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Sarah Dara Joins Run on Sun

Sara Dara joins Run on SunRun on Sun is thrilled to announce that Sarah Dara (Darapondeth) has joined the company as a Sales Associate responsible for Commercial Sales in the Southern California region.  Sarah comes to Run on Sun from a solar module manufacturer and has extensive experience in solar sales.

“We are very excited to welcome Sarah to the team,” said Jim Jenal, CEO at Run on Sun.  “Sarah’s enthusiasm, knowledge and dedication to making solar a success for our clients and for Run on Sun is a great conclusion to an exhaustive search.  With Sarah we are confident that we have found just the right person to help move us forward in this industry.”

“I am honored and excited to begin my new journey with Run on Sun,” added Sarah.  “I am grateful to join this team in making a positive contribution to Southern California’s solar future.”

Jim Jenal is the Founder & CEO of Run on Sun, Pasadena's premier installer and integrator of top-of-the-line solar power installations.
Run on Sun also offers solar consulting services, working with consumers, utilities, and municipalities to help them make solar power affordable and reliable.

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