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Heather Andrews - PVAddict - RIP

Today a friend of mine, and a friend of the solar industry, died.

Heather Andrews

Heather Andrews was a fierce advocate for solar power - so much so that her Twitter handle was PVAddict.  That is how I met her - on Twitter and via subsequent TweetUps at solar conferences.  She was a frequent commenter on this blog and on our Facebook page, but more than anything else, she simply loved the idea of installing solar and doing it the right way.

Indeed, Heather was a stickler for doing it the right way - she was a proud member of IBEW and she taught classes on how to properly install solar power systems.  Whenever anyone had a question about how something should be done, Heather was happy to chime in with her insights - always in a positive and supportive way.  Unlike some who want to lord their knowledge over those still struggling to figure things out, Heather was happiest helping others.  She exemplified the very best in our industry - smart, dedicated, and a joy to be around.

She fought her illness these past few months with the same courage and tenacity that she brought to the solar industry.  Sadly, this was one obstacle that she could not ultimately overcome with her love and optimism.  Still, she remained positive through all of her pain and difficulties as demonstrated by one of her last tweets:

Promise that when things settle a bit I’ll get back into the full swing of the Twitterverse and openly show my adoration for

It is now up to the rest of us to carry forward her “adoration for solar” and to help fulfill the destiny in which she believed: a world powered by clean, renewable energy - installed the right way!

I love you Heather and I will try my best to be true to your vision.  Rest in peace.

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SPI Tweet-up Video

As has been the practice for the past several years at Solar Power International, the “solar tribe” got together for a “tweet-up” - a social gathering of folks who tweet about solar power issues.  Organized this year by @SolarFred (Tor Valenza), @PVAddict (Heather Andrews) and @GoGreenSolar (Deep Patel), the event was held at a nearby bar on Wednesday night.

Always a great opportunity to meet people in the flesh whom you’ve only known previously 140 characters at a time, this year the folks at Renewable Energy World came by to interview some of the participants about the influence of social media on their businesses.  We took the opportunity to plug this blog - and to renew our perpetual plea for more comments!

Here’s the video for your amusement, I come on about halfway through (and without much voice in a very loud room!)


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