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What do members of Greenpeace and the NRA have in common?


  10:18:00 pm, by Jim Jenal - Founder & CEO   , 349 words  
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What do members of Greenpeace and the NRA have in common?

These days we tend to think of our country as polarized as never before. All issues seem to be “hot-button issues,” and common ground has become increasingly difficult to find. Which made a new survey all the more welcome, showing once again, that support for solar power crosses all ideological boundaries.

The study of 1,000 consumers in the U.S. found that 73% of “Red” state residents and 74% of “Blue” state residents believe that there isn’t enough being done to reduce the effects of climate change.  They were united in their views about what to do about it: 92% believe that the world’s future depends on increasing the use of renewable energy (either very important or somewhat important), and 81% believe that solar power is the most important form of renewable energy.  (We agree!)

There were some more interesting facts to ponder:

  • 77% of “Red” state residents and 80% of “Blue” state residents believe that the government should offer incentives, such as tax credits, for businesses that go solar.
  • Three quarters of both Greenpeace and NRA members believe that businesses should be rewarded for going solar.
  • Speaking of the NRA, some 38% of its members report having solar, more than twice the rate (17%) of respondents overall.
  • More than 90% of Gen Z believe that businesses should take responsibility for reducing the world’s carbon footprint, up from 74% for Millennials.

Among those who would like to go solar, 48% are doing it for the financial benefit, while 37% would do so to reduce their environmental impact, which seems consistent with what our clients tell us: they care about improving the environment, but they want it to pencil out.

Oh, and one more nugget: 92% said that they would be more willing to go solar, if they could combine it with affordable storage to protect them in the event of an outage.  Again, that is consistent with what our clients are telling us. 

Next week is Intersolar in San Francisco (where the temps are mild compared to the 110+ we  are presently experiencing!), and we will be looking to nail down that ideal storage solution while we are there.

Watch this space!


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