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As EVs Roll Out, Los Angeles Gears Up


  06:45:23 am, by Jim Jenal - Founder & CEO   , 371 words  
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As EVs Roll Out, Los Angeles Gears Up

The Solar Home & Business Journal is reporting that Los Angeles is gearing up for the new wave of EVs and PHEVs that are set to start arriving next month.  Already home to more plug-in vehicles than any other metropolitan area in the U.S., now the LADWP has announced that it will “provide instant online approvals of home charging stations and expedited charger inspections and new meter installations.” While LADWP has historically been a source of great permitting frustrations, this change is intended to greatly shorten and simplify the process.

“Our expedited approvals will set the standard for cutting bureaucratic red tape that can otherwise frustrate drivers making the change to an EV,” the website says. “Permit approvals and inspections that in other areas can take weeks for new and prospective EV owners have been cut to hours and days in the City of Los Angeles.”
Here is a link to the LADWP Electric Vehicle Program website mentioned in that quote.

The story also reports that the City already has some 350 charging sites on city property or at publicly accessible private locations with more to come. New chargers were recently added at the LA Convention Center and LAX where “plug-in rental cars may become available soon.”  You can read the entire article, titled, “Citing ‘L.A. Advantage,’ Utility Prepares for a New Wave of Plug-in Vehicles,” here.

This is very exciting news and should help ease the “range anxiety” of the public.  Indeed, I heard a supposedly knowledgeable source on the radio yesterday, talking about the LA Auto Show, repeating all sorts of misleading nonsense about how EVs work, how reliable they are or what they cost to operate. Let’s be clear - EVs will save you money over a comparable ICE vehicle.  If you combine that with solar power to fuel your EV, your savings will be even greater.

But talking about the wonders of EVs won’t convince people - they need to start driving these vehicles - like we did - so they can discover that not only are they practical, but they are a heck of a lot of fun, too! That can’t happen too soon, and these actions by LA will help hasten the day when we can all Run on Sun!



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Christof Demont-Heinrich
Nice entry! When will you be getting an EV (presumably a LEAF)? Do you know when it will arrive?
11/26/10 @ 11:23
Comment from: Jim Jenal - Founder & CEO
That’s actually a good question - probably not until late spring at the earliest. Sure am looking forward to it, however!
11/26/10 @ 16:42
California Solar Engineering
4 stars
What an interesting idea and I couldn’t agree more that this would work to get people excited about the practical (and fun) realities of EVs.
12/08/10 @ 10:00

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