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Calling All Women - Seeking Your Views on Solar


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Calling All Women - Seeking Your Views on Solar

SolarChatAn innovative new survey on the attitudes of women about solar is now seeking user input.  The survey effort, dubbed “Shining a Solar Marketing Light on Women” is the brainchild of #SolarChat visionary, Raina Russo, and solar marketing expert, Glenna Wiseman.

As Raina put it:

Women across America overwhelmingly guide the purchasing decisions in the average household. They also carry with them an intuitive nature to create a better future for their children. Understanding these two significant attributes can assist the solar industry in communicating and connecting with such an important consumer base, one that has the potential to increase the adoption of solar nationwide.

We couldn’t agree more and we urge all of our women readers to take a moment and share your views by clicking here to take the survey.

Raina and Glenna will be gathering survey responses through November 13th, and we will have a follow-up post when the results are published.

Encouraging the adoption of solar is way too important to leave it just in the hands of the men who presently dominate the industry - some of whom are completely tone deaf as to what is proper solar marketing. (After all, it was a bunch of guys who gave us women in cages as a means of marketing solar - can’t get any more tone deaf than that!)

Raina and Glenna’s survey is a great step in helping the solar industry improve its marketing to all segments of the consumer universe and those improvements can’t come too soon.  So please, take a moment and take the survey!


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