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Run on Sun Featured on Solar Power World


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Run on Sun Featured on Solar Power World

Run on Sun Founder & CEO, Jim Jenal, was quoted at length in Solar Power World’s headline article, How to Make Sure Your Business Survives the Solar Frontier.  The piece by Kathleen Zipp notes that “Thousands of service providers are ready to duel for their place in the industry, making it a bit like the Wild West,” so they tapped several industry experts, including Jenal, for advice on how to make it in a competitive landscape.

From the article:

Jim Jenal, founder of Run on Sun in Pasadena, Calif., says it’s also important to reach out to customers through education. “Utilities have guaranteed customers and a guaranteed return,” he says. “We have neither. Attracting customers requires a strategy to reach out to your audience.”

Run On Sun has chosen to do this through a blog, which has proven to be a priceless asset.

“Our blog is our biggest tool,” Jenal says. “Pretty much all of our commercial clients have come to us at least in part because of the blog. It’s greatly expanded our presence and given us visibility.” Jenal says his company is also about to publish a book to educate potential clients.

Also, blogging has proven to be an effective way to educate the public. “The industry as a whole continues to face a public that is often skeptical of what we offer,” Jenal says.

To overcome that, Jenal says his company puts out honest, straight-forward information about going solar. His team also spends time talking to people on the phone or in-person to answer their questions.

“We do so even when they do not represent a potential sale for us,” Jenal says. “We believe that ultimately the entire industry benefits from a better educated public.”

Some advice can help installers across all market segments grow, particularly certification, quality and choosing the right partners.

NABCEP Certified-Certification Gives You Credibility. Certify your skills so potential clients can be assured of them, rather than just taking your word for it. Jenal says he believed Run On Sun’s skills set it apart from other players. “But to give that claim greater credibility, we sought and achieved North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) certification for all three of our owners,” he says.

It has been a busy PR year for Jim who has also been quoted at length in the Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, the Guardian and numerous industry publications with Solar Power World being the latest.

Fortunately, you don’t have to just read about it, you can put Jim’s expertise to work for you on your solar project.  Give us a call or click on this link today and speak to the source!


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Jim Jenal is the Founder & CEO of Run on Sun, Pasadena's premier installer and integrator of top-of-the-line solar power installations.
Run on Sun also offers solar consulting services, working with consumers, utilities, and municipalities to help them make solar power affordable and reliable.

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