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News Flash: Fox Falsely Attacks Solar - Oh, wait...


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News Flash: Fox Falsely Attacks Solar - Oh, wait...

Just as surely as the Sun rises in the East, the notion that the folks at Fox News would attack solar energy is, well, predictable.  Here’s their latest (although another installment could arrive at any moment!):

First of all, SoloPower has not tapped a penny of the federal loan guarantee.  That was slated for expansion of their Oregon factory, after the existing production line was fully operational.  So while it may be true that SoloPower is in trouble, it certainly isn’t “tanking the economy.”

And the flip side of today’s difficulties for solar panel makers - whether of conventional silicon modules like those from Suntech, or thin-film CIGS panels like SoloPower hopes to sell - is that those falling prices have made solar more affordable than ever before.  Even as rebates have declined - and the CSI rebate is now about a break-even proposition with the cost of doing the paperwork - the final cost for installed solar has never been lower.

So yes, we are going to see a continuing shakeout in the industry as panel manufacturers adjust to a shifting climate or go out of business.  That is pretty much to be expected as an expanding solar industry matures.  But for consumers there has never been a better time to go solar.  If you are the owner of a commercial building, give us a call and let us prove it.

Just don’t count on hearing that from Fox News.


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