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Deniers Deny, Companies Install


  08:23:00 am, by Jim Jenal - Founder & CEO   , 278 words  
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Deniers Deny, Companies Install

A tale of two visions today - one from Capital Hill where a congressional committee is about to hold a hearing on climate change, and the other via the Wall Street Journal noting that more and more companies are installing their own energy generation - particularly solar.

Climate deniers in the House


As the graphic shows, they are finally holding a hearing in the House on Climate Change but the committee is stacked with climate change deniers - you know, the same folks who believe in Unicorns.  So while there will certainly be some entertaining sound bites, it is unlikely in the extreme that any meaningful policy will come from this committee.  Instead we will be advised that climate change is a hoax, that humans are too puny to harm the Earth, and that in any event, doing anything about it is too expensive and a “job killer.”

Which brings us to the other story (h/t ClimateCrocks.com) about companies installing their own energy generation.  Whether it is biomass from their own waste or solar modules on their roofs, more and more companies are installing energy generation as a hedge against increasingly expensive energy from the conventional utilities.

companies generating their own energy


Now no one would accuse Walmart of being some enviro-hugging feel good corporation - so why are they leading this parade?  It is simple, they know that these measures are saving them lots and lots of money - and that is the type of green they value the most.

So while their allies on the Hill insist that measures to address climate change are ruining the economy, companies like Walmart are boosting their economic fortunes by adopting the very measures that, coincidentally, reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.  And that’s no hoax.


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