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Oregon Installers Step Up - Make Stranded Solar Customers Whole


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Oregon Installers Step Up - Make Stranded Solar Customers Whole

Laurel Hamilton, solar hero

Laurel Hamilton - Solar Pro - Solar Hero!

You hear a lot about solar companies with shady business practices, and frankly, it is often enough to make me worry about this industry that I love.  But today we have a feel-good story about folks going the extra mile to make things right - and it stars Laurel Hamilton, recently of Run on Sun, who now works for Elemental Energy in Bend, Oregon.  Here’s the scoop…

Legend Solar is a Utah-based installation company that was operating in three states: Utah, Nevada, and Oregon.  I say it was operating because a recent report in the Salt Lake Tribune highlighted the financial difficulties of the company, and pointed out that dozens of homeowners who had signed contracts with Legend - and in many cases had already paid in full - were being left high and dry as Legend was unable to complete their projects.  Indeed, the Tribune story focuses on Utah homeowners who appear to be without recourse to get their projects completed.  Ouch!

But not so in Oregon.

Elemental Energy Install in OregonSpurred on by the Energy Trust of Oregon and the Oregon Solar Energy Industries Association, companies like Elemental Energy have stepped into the breach, working around the clock to meet an April 1 deadline for completion so that the stranded homeowners will qualify for the Oregon State tax credit. 

Frank Andorka, writing at SolarWakeup, picked up the story from Laurel, and is up with his take: Oregon Solar Installers Back Legend’s Customers.  Frank’s bottom line: “When one solar company stumbles, it’s up to the rest of us to make sure it doesn’t take the rest of the industry down with it." 

We agree completely, but that is easier said than done.

Instead, it has taken the dedicated work of true solar pros, like Laurel and her crew from Elemental, to make that difference.  Here’s how Laurel described their efforts:

My company has stepped up to fulfill the orders left in the lurch by the out-of-state solar company that went bankrupt. We are doing this at a loss because we believe in supporting the solar industry in Oregon and in making sure people still get their systems as promised.

My team is working overtime every single day to get these systems in by the deadline to get clients their tax credit. Once they do, they’ll have beautiful solar systems providing their homes with 100% clean renewable energy from the sun for more than 25 years. So we’re exhausted but it’s worth it. This is what working in solar and working for a positive company, doing this for the right reasons, is all about. We don’t want the news to scare people into not trusting solar contractors.

It is people like you, Laurel, that they trust, and they do so because of your professionalism and integrity.

So a big Run on Sun shout out to Laurel, the rest of the folks working beside her at Elemental Energy, and all the other Oregon solar pros who are working together to make it right.  You set a very high bar for the rest of us, and you make us proud to be part of the same industry with you.


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