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One Year Later - the Unexpected Gift of Laurel Hamilton


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One Year Later - the Unexpected Gift of Laurel Hamilton

Ask anyone who runs a small business: “What is your greatest challenge?” and they will tell you that finding the right people - and keeping them - is the key to being successful.  Business owners resort to all manner of methods to try and recruit that elusive individual who will be the perfect fit, and elevate the enterprise to the next level.  It is a challenging quest, to be sure.

Laurel Hamilton

Laurel on the job, looking up!

But sometimes that particular person just falls into your lap - they seek you out, win you over with their enthusiasm, and suddenly everything has changed for the better.

One year ago today, such was my good fortune when an unexpected email landed in my inbox, introducing me to the amazing Laurel Hamilton.  Having just moved to SoCal from Washington, D.C. where she had earned her Masters in Public Health, Laurel was looking for an opportunity to do something positive. 

We weren’t hiring; we had not posted anything about seeking candidates for employment, but Laurel was undaunted.  She had seen this blog, and decided to reach out and see what might happen. 

As she wrote then:

With my background and interests in solutions to health and environmental issues, I feel pretty strongly about finding clean alternative energy sources, as well as biking as a form of transport, and supporting local agriculture, etc… among other passions and interests! I would love to get involved in the solar sector as it is growing so much and seems to me to be an important movement in the right direction for healthier communities. Not to mention it just makes sense to harness the bountiful sunshine here in SoCal. So I started looking into different solar companies in the area and Run on Sun struck me as being a really positive company that is in it for the right reasons…expanding your customer base to include non profits and electric car owners. I didn’t notice any job opportunities posted but I still wanted to offer my services… I am very organized and enjoy working with all sorts of people. If you have any need for administrative, management, communications, schlepping materials to various sites around the county, or any other support tasks I’d love to be of service.

Little did she know then where that email would take her!  I think it is fair to say that we took her up on her offer in just about every way imaginable: from operating a boom lift, to designing client outreach efforts, to indeed, schlepping materials to various sites around the county - Laurel has done it all.  In fact, she has been a frequent contributor to this blog, bringing her own voice and Thoughts on Solar to our readers.  Along the way she has been a major factor in what has been our greatest year ever.

I know that many of the folks who read this blog have had their own personal interactions with Laurel over the course of this year - please feel free to add your thoughts in the comments.

As for me, I just knew that it was important to give thanks publicly for the unexpected gift that is Laurel Hamilton.


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