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Humor Break: Who Do You want to Be?


  09:27:00 am, by Jim Jenal - Founder & CEO   , 135 words  
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Humor Break: Who Do You want to Be?

As we close out the merry, maddening month of March, we thought we would share with you the best pair of ads we’ve seen in a long time. No, they have nothing to do with solar, per se, but they do both feature plug-in hybrid cars, so implicitly they cry out for solar.

But what drew us to them is the difference in attitude these two ads demonstrate: the “make your own luck” view versus the “make the world a better place” one.  Perhaps the world needs both types, but it seems pretty clear to us that one type is in too short supply, whereas the other, not so much.

Here’s the first ad, from Cadillac:

And here’s the second, from Ford:

So here’s the question: which one would you want to be?

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Comment from: Shane Ripka
Shane Ripka
I think we need one that’s in the middle of the two. We need the hard driven attitude, but also the compassion of the second ad to actually make a difference. Sorry, couldn’t vote for one only.
03/31/14 @ 17:55
Comment from: It's a brand thing...
It's a brand thing...
The Caddy commercial is about challenging the euro-luxe brands that stole their market over the last 30 years. How else are you going to take down MB & BMW other than through sheer brash Americanism? Which is not to steal anything away from Ford for the shrewd countermove. But let’s be honest with ourselves… it’s a battle out there in the auto industry, and we should applaud both these brands for fighting.
03/31/14 @ 22:05
Comment from: Jim Jenal - Founder & CEO
I guess the question for Caddy is whether they really want to self-identify with that degree of “brash Americanism". Or more to the point, whether anyone who would actually consider buying a Caddy wants to?
03/31/14 @ 23:33

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