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Obama Presses Progress on Renewables - Are You Listening, LA City Council?


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Obama Presses Progress on Renewables -
Are You Listening, LA City Council?

Today during his Second Inaugural Address, President Obama committed the Country to respond to the Threat of Climate Change and emphasized the need to make rapid progress on sustainable energy sources - watch:

Which makes us wonder - were you listening, members of the Los Angeles City Council?

Tomorrow you will be taking a vote on your long-time-coming Feed-in Tariff program.  Will you take our President’s admonition to heart?  Or will you vote for yet more delay and uncertainty in a program that has already been delayed for far too long?

The country is watching you.  Please follow the President’s lead and clear the way for this program to go into effect, Now!

(Follow this link for info on how you can contact the LA City Council to urge them to do th right thing!)


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