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What Will You Be?


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What Will You Be?

Yesterday was the Harvest Festival. It is a small fair at my school that is put on every year by the eighth graders. I was one of them this year! I was a parade co-chair with two other girls. We organized younger kids into parades to be judged by teachers (harder than it sounds). There is a lot of work that goes into a Harvest Festival, and our teachers don't let up on homework at all!

Every eighth grader was required to wear a costume. I was an electrician. I own a blue CBS shirt, courtesy of our chief electrician Velvet. I borrowed my dad's tool belt and a few tools of the trade: needle nose pliers, a voltmeter, a distance reader, and a flashlight. I also borrowed a hard hat from my grandmother (kept in the trunk of her car in case of emergencies). It was fun and easier to move around in than other people's floor length dresses or tutus. I got to wear jeans (so comfy!).

Yesterday, Harvest Festival. Tomorrow, Halloween. What will you be?

Yesterday, energy from oil. Tomorrow, energy from solar panels. What will you choose?

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Comment from: Heather Andrews [Visitor]  
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Heather AndrewsI started reading this and kinda reminisced about back in the day, being in school and such. Imagined you in your dad’s tool belt…I hope there’s a photo out there somewhere! Anyway, I enjoyed the post for what it was, and then you swooped in and got clever: “What will you be? What will you choose?” Very cool.
10/31/10 @ 09:25

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