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Top Ten Things To Do Part 5


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Top Ten Things To Do Part 5

This series of posts is my Top Ten List of Things To Do to be green even if you don't have solar. Read the previous post. Here is tip number one, the top tip in my list.

Is the tension rising?

Are you wondering what it is?

I hope so!

1. Practice Your Geography

Again I am going to make a reference to a previous number; this time it is number six (again. Well, at least I'm reusing it). In the grocery store, food comes from a wide range of places. Delivering food from these places uses a lot of fuel. A lot of fossil fuel, a resource that will run out sooner or later. Places that are farther away use more fuel to deliver to your grocery store. Become a Produce Police! Check to see if it says where it came from and if you can, buy from the closest place to where you live. It makes no sense to live in California where they grow zillions of grapes and buy grapes from Chile or somewhere far away. If you can, go to a farmer's market. Local farmers' bring in their crops for you to buy at farmers' markets. Their food tastes better than in the grocery store AND is less expensive.

Thanks again to Tiffany Hsu for her article, which you should read. It has some more tips not listed here.

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Comment from: stephanie [Member]  
stephanieHi Julia! What a great series of thoughtful suggestions, all expressed with insight and humor! Love it! Just recently I queried my local Whole Foods produce manager regarding why they were selling peaches from California since I live in an area where peaches are plentiful. He noted that even though they had sold a mammoth amount of the local fruit, they also had customers who preferred the California variety and they endeavor to keep the customers satisfied. This goes to the point that the more knowledgeable customers are about the impact of such a decision, and the more they realize their voice counts in decisions that produce managers make, the more able we are to make changes. As you note, supporting our local farmers by attending a farmer’s market in your area (I am fortunate to have two great farmer’s markets, one in Carrboro, which I regularly frequent,and one in Durham– also very good) is a terrific option. Thanks again, Julia, for this great series! Can’t wait to see your next ideas!
08/30/10 @ 15:52

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