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Top Ten Things To Do


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Top Ten Things To Do

Sometimes your parents can't always get solar, even though it is very cool and is great for the environment. Especially when they are renting, it makes getting solar a bit harder. I have compiled a list of top ten things to do to be green, even if you don't have solar! Most of the information for this list is from Tiffany Hsu's awesome article from the Los Angeles Times on August 15. In the next four posts, 3  tips will be posted in each one, with number one having its own special post at the end.

Here's the names of the tips in our list:

10. Drought? OK

9. Unplug it

8.  Down the Drain

7. In Rags and Tatters

6. Reuse It Again and Again

5. Paper Saver

4. Bright Idea

3.  Green Your Clean

2. I Got a Planter, Got a Planter Full of Sunshine

1. Practice Your Geography

Get ready to read!

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Comment from: alex [Visitor]  
alexHi, i think among the ten green things, item #6 Reuse it again and again is the most practical tips. In actual fact, getting a solar system install at home should not be a difficult task. Awaiting to see your next tips especially if you are kind of provide info on Reuse or Recycle. Thanks.
08/23/10 @ 00:13
Comment from: stephanie [Member]  
stephanieHi Julia! You are right on target with the fact that folks may give up on going green because more expensive tactics, like installing solar energy panels, are not within their budget. The promise of sensible and economically feasible solutions is a great one, and I look forward to reading your future issues! A fellow green advocate, Stephanie
08/23/10 @ 09:20
Comment from: David Narong [Visitor]
5 stars
David NarongI guess that everybody should stop for a while and think how we live. We are really disconnected with our mother planet and we gotta pay for that, if we are not going “green” as soon as possible.
03/24/11 @ 00:20

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