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Solar Presentation to the St. Philips Lego Robotics Team


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Solar Presentation to the St. Philips Lego Robotics Team

The Lego Robotics Team from St. Philips School in Pasadena is part of a national competition started by Dean Kamen called FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology). Each year there is a theme that all teams have to conform to. This year it is transport. The robot that the team has to build must be able to transport items. The St. Philips Team was looking at the idea of a solar powered car design. My dad, Jim Jenal, offered to explain how well that idea would work.
Today he went to St. Philips and gave a presentation. He talked a bit about batteries, and then volts, amps (which measure current), and ohms (which measure resistance). Solar panels have a much longer life than any other way to generate energy. They need the least amount of maintenance! Anyway, he spoke about solar powered cars. They are not as fast as a normal car; a racing solar car's record speed was about 90 miles per hour. Also, since the horsepower is not the same amount, a solar powered car needs to be quite light for it to move quickly.
The St. Philips Lego Robotics Team learned all they needed to know. Good luck to them and to all the Lego Robotics teams!

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