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Solar Power International


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Solar Power International

This morning was foggy, but that did not dampen the spirits of anyone going to the tenth annual Solar Power International. This year it was in Los Angeles in the LA Convention Center. Today marks the first day of it. It goes on during tomorrow and Thursday. Stopping by would be awesome. I was unable to go, but my dad did. When he came back, he brought a wealth of chotskies. Here is a list of the amazing loot you can get if you go there:

  • Sanyo mints in the design of a solar panel
  • A funky yellow pen from Upsolar
  • An "I <3 PV" pin from KACO energy (I have it on my pencil bag!)
  • A laser pointer from Satcon
  • A pretty red pen from Sanyo
  • A light-up shot glass from enphase energy
  • A white t-shirt from upSolar
  • A reusable bag (be green in the supermarket, please!) from Solon
  • A Conergy water bottle
  • An energy shot from enphase (to drink from your shot glass maybe?)
  • A shirt from Sanyo
  • And multiple fliers and packets from various places...

There are many more goodies to find. Run on Sun does not have a booth, but look around for our logo on a cap. Tomorrow Dad will be there and on Thursday Brad will be there. We hope you can come!

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Comment from: Heather Andrews [Visitor]
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Heather AndrewsA light up shot glass from Enphase? Your dad must have some pull, I just got some stickers! Or maybe it was a magnet…either way, I didn’t get a shot glass. But then again, he’s pretty convincing. :)
12/13/10 @ 09:39

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