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Solar Contest - Part One


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Solar Contest - Part One

Today marks the beginning of a great contest - a solar quiz! The winner will be awarded a to-be-announced tchotchke. I can tell you that it is really awesome, and I have one too.

There will be ten questions in all, and each question right adds ten points to your score. Two questions will be posted every Wednesday and Saturday. This will give you a few days to answer, each time. But, make sure to post your answer by my next post, or you won’t get a chance to earn points that week because I will be posting people’s rankings to help keep track and the answers to the previous two questions.

If you come in late (let’s say you miss this post and the next), you can still participate but you cannot earn the points you already missed.

I will ask you not to use Google because most of the information can be found on the Run on Sun website. If you download the Run on Sun Alexa toolbar here, you can search the website, along with some other cool features.

Post your answers in the comments section, please.

Alright, begin! And good luck!

1. A typical solar panel weighs as much as…

  • A small car
  • A small house
  • A medium size dog
  • A gigantic goldfish
  • None of the above

2. When working on a severely steep roof, your friendly neighborhood Run on Sun solar installer wears…

  • A bikini
  • Chain mail armor
  • A tuxedo
  • A harness
  • None of the above

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Comment from: stephanie [Member]  
5 stars
stephanieGreat idea, Solar Kid! Here are my quiz answers: 1. A typical solar panel weighs as much as… a medium sized dog. 2. When working on a severely steep roof, your friendly neighborhood Run on Sun solar installer wears… a harness (one can only hope!)
07/20/11 @ 18:29
Comment from: Jim Jenal - Founder & CEO [Member]  
I am biased, but for # 2, I really am looking forward to the Tuxedos on the roof!
07/21/11 @ 12:58
Comment from: Heather Andrews [Visitor]
5 stars
Heather AndrewsThese are great questions! Sorry I’m a bit late to the game but here I go: My answers: 1. A PV module weighs as much as a medium size dog…unless that goldfish is REALLY gigantic! 2. As for what to wear on the roof when installing PV, I’m sure OSHA would insist on a harness but would the bikini be solar powered? Maybe that could be worn during the “my meter is spinning backwards!” afterparty. :)
07/30/11 @ 10:09
Comment from: Solar Kid [Member]  
Thank you so much, Heather, for posting your answers (and they are right, of course), but since I already posted these answers you didn’t get any points for this week. If you post to Part Two today, then you can still earn points and be on your way to winning!
07/30/11 @ 10:21
Comment from: Jim Jenal - Founder & CEO [Member]  
5 stars
Heather - I like the way you think! And given the sunny nature of solar power, I gotta believe that your bikini probably is a better match than my Tux!
07/30/11 @ 16:24
Comment from: Svea [Visitor]
SveaSorry I’m so late for your quiz! Here are my answers… 1. A small car would really be a lot of baggage for the poor roof, so I’ll take the weight of a small dog! That seems reasonable. 2. A tuxedo sure is classy, but in this case we’d all like to see the good old harness, I think.
08/01/11 @ 09:58
Comment from: Solar Kid [Member]  
To Svea, just like I said with Heather, thank you so much for participating, but you cannot get points for part one or part two, as the answers are already up. You can try with part three, for although you are a bit behind, you may still be able to win the tchotchke!
08/01/11 @ 11:55

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