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Misconceptions 2 - Handle Me Carefully


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Misconceptions 2 - Handle Me Carefully

The long awaited second installment in the Misconceptions series! This time I will tackle the the misconception that solar panels are really fragile and break super easily. Let me shatter this myth for you.

Behold this marvelous video!

This was what was running through my head at the time: Eesh, that's a hailstone? It is gigantic. Oh no, don't hit the solar panel! What? The panel isn't broken? Not damaged in the least? I don't even see any cracks or anything. Wow, that's really cool. Oh yes, let's watch it again.

The truth of the matter is that solar panels are tested to withstand the impact of a one inch hailstone at  60 mph without any damage. The Conergy panels, offered by Run on Sun, are the ones you saw in this video. The video shows that the Conergy panels were recently certified to withstand a 55 mm (about two and a quarter inches) hailstone going at speeds of 120 km/hr (74.5 mph).

If you aren't already amazed, just stay tuned for the next post! This myth will be put under wraps.

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Comment from: stephanie [Member]  
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stephanieThis is my favorite blog to date! Really a good job of integrating video with your commentary and blasting a myth in the process. Mythbelievers, beware! The De-myth-tifying Solar Kid is on the March! Where is Misconception Episode 1?
03/04/11 @ 10:55

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