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Misconceptions 1.2 - Bright Sun Only


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Misconceptions 1.2 - Bright Sun Only

Read last post to remember what happened.

What do you think will happen next?

The fan still worked, just not quite as well. We could tell that the panel was still generating power in our cloudy day by using a voltmeter. A voltmeter measures voltage. We then shaded the panel completely, simulating night. The fan stopped working.

So, the conclusion from our public experiment?

Solar panels work best in bright sunlight. They don't work during the night. They even work well in cloudy days, disproving the misconception that solar panels don't work unless it is very sunny.

Stay tuned for the next misconception debunking!

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Comment from: Eva Luchini [Visitor]
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Eva LuchiniI did not know this about solar panels. I wish I had a house to put some on!
10/25/10 @ 14:53

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