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How Cool is This?


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How Cool is This?

Due to the not-so-ancient bloggers' dilemma of "Does anyone actually read my blog? Eh. . . Probably not," I am always surprised and thrilled when I get comments. It means that somebody, somewhere, is reading my work.

Now I have a big heads up: someone is indeed reading my blog and, wonderfully, is liking it! KACO new energy is one of the biggest inverter makers. Today, their blog featured me in their most recent post, accessible here. I am honored to be featured by such a forward-looking company. Their whole commitment is to creating solar PV inverters whose production is carbon neutral.That is really cool.

Thank you, KACO!

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Comment from: Heather Andrews [Visitor]
5 stars
Heather AndrewsCongrats! Your blog deserves to be showcased! So few young people are passionate about anything substantial, and it’s refreshing to read your posts. I think KACO’s post is awesome and I’m so glad you’re a part of it!
02/07/11 @ 23:27
Comment from: stephanie [Member]  
5 stars
stephanieI concur with Heather and her thoughtful comments. Although I must own my somewhat “biased aunt” status, it is obvious that my perceptions regarding Julia’s insightful and well written blog are shared by others. Way to go, Julia! Keep up your fine efforts!
02/08/11 @ 09:36
Comment from: Imani [Visitor]
4 stars
ImaniHey! This is a nice blog! :-) I think it’s great that you’re part of Inconvenient Youth.
02/09/11 @ 13:29

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