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A Year Ago Today

It was exactly one year ago from today when this blog was first made. It is shocking to me how long ago that was! Everybody who has been reading this blog with any consistency or none at all, get ready for a new year of posts! Every year that goes by, I… more »


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Welcome to the Solar Kids Blog!

  On this blog I am going to write about interesting things that have to do with going Green - solar and beyond.  My Dad is one of the founders of Run on Sun, so I get to see lots of cool solar stuff and I really like to write, so this should be fun!… more »
Run on Sun helps fight Climate Change
Solar Kids is a blog about solar power and all things green from the perspective of a (very smart!) kid.
Blogger "Solar Kid" Julia attends Eighth Grade in Pasadena, California. She loves comments!


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