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A Year Ago Today


  03:22:16 pm, by Solar Kid   , 110 words  
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A Year Ago Today

It was exactly one year ago from today when this blog was first made. It is shocking to me how long ago that was! Everybody who has been reading this blog with any consistency or none at all, get ready for a new year of posts! Every year that goes by, I will strive to have more and better posts. Hopefully I will be able to fulfill this goal, even through the terrible trials of homework and high school application. I can do this, so please read, enjoy and comment! (Really, I want comments. As many as you possibly can write, if you can take time from your busy schedules.)

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Comment from: Svea [Visitor]
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SveaHi “Solar Kid” Julia! Your blog is really great and I look forward to another year of great solar content! Cheers from San Francisco, Svea
10/25/10 @ 08:35

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